Here is what a few of our customers have to say
“The system that Rick has created has allowed us to get our arms around the development, testing, release cycle.  Source Control is a vital link in the chain.  We are now able to do hot fixes to the release code and then merge those corrections back into the new development code.  Subversion, TortoiseSVN, and Rick’s tools to manage Clarion files are all that are needed for a successful Clarion source control system.”

Daryl Lee
RFMS, Inc.

"We had been discounting the value of a Version Control System for years.  Not only did Rick prove the importance of Version Control, he was able to setup our systems, train our staff and support us through the whole process.  All of this was done timely, professionally and very cost effectively.  He helped us take what seemed like an impossible project and turned us into a more effective and efficient team.  I look forward to using Rick for other projects."

John Sarver
VP, Software Development
FedComp, Inc.

Rick has helped make our Customer Service Excellence (CSE) application meet our client service and sales employee’s needs. He quickly solved a number of problems that had been plaguing the program for a long time. He helped standardize the interface used by all of the program reports and wrote a number of complex reports for us. Rick is always very responsive to adding new features or just helping out by answering questions.
He has helped my development skills grow by showing me better and more consistent ways to program solutions.  Rick is very professional and has a high degree of integrity.  I highly recommend him.

Daniel Koharko
Eminess, Inc.

Rick developed multiple complex system that Simonton Windows is using on a daily basis to support the business. The systems not only fulfill the initial requirements they were designed for but are extensible and require little maintenance. Rick enjoys learning new things and is very good at picking them up at a fast pace. Once the knowledge is acquired, he is also very good at helping others learn it.

Helmut J. Schwarzin
VP of Software Development
Simonton Windows, Inc.

Rick was responsible for the full life cycle of all the products at Sharpe Software. He designed and created new products while maintaining and enhancing our existing applications. His excellent written and verbal skills were critical for working with the development team, as well as the sales and support teams. He explored new technologies helping Sharpe stay on the cutting edge in our industry.

Daniel Ontiveros
General Manager
Sharpe Software, Inc.

“I needed help with a project ASAP and Rick was able to jump right into code he had never seen before and develop a solution that met our needs quickly and professionally.
Every Developer needs help at times and I personally would recommend Rick to anyone.”

Sam Folino
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