Continous Integration Services for Clarion
Advantages of using Version Control and Clarion
Allow multiple developers to work on the same APP at the same time
Allow multiple developers to work on the same procedure at the same
Easily track every change to your source code
Easily compare changes to any procedure - side by side
See exactly who and when any specific change was made
Build any prior version of the system using the exact version of the
the Clarion environment used when the version was released
Easily recover any “stomped” code
Help meet your requirements for becoming SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley)
compliant (for publically held companies)
Easily mark the entire source and Clarion environment at a particular
time with a TAG without having to manage a bunch of ZIP files
Support coding on multiple lines of development (branches) including
ability to merge changes from one development line to another. This
allows you to make changes to the Version 1.0 source code while
other developers are making changes to the source code for Version
2.0. Later easily merge those fixes from the 1.0 source code to the
new 2.0 source automatically.
We have the experience, tools, and documentation to help you implement version control (CVS/SVN) and/or automated builds for your Clarion development projects.

We have many customers and over 6 years of experience setting up and implementing Continous Integration (CI) services for development shops with anywhere from 1 to 16 developers with projects ranging from 1 APP to over 300 APP files.

Let us help you take control of your source code and development environment giving you security in knowing your source code is safe and the confidence that an automated system can provide.

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The foundation of any Continous Integration system or for that matter, any software development team, should be a solid formal version control system. Version control allows your development team to track modifications to every piece or artifact in your development environment and source code. This gives you tremendous power in tracking history, knowing exactly what source code makes up a specific version of your product, and the ability to have multiple similtanous branches of development.
Automated Builds and CI
One of the key concepts of Continuous Integration is to automate building your software projects as frequently as possible. This help brings problems to the front quickly while changes are still fresh in the developers' mind. By building the system every time a change is committed, compile errors and conflicts are recognized immediately.

Developers are encouraged to commit there chaneges as frequently as is reasonable. The build system automatically detects that a change has occurred and refreshes the source code from the version control system. It then compiles any changed modules or APP files. If any errors occur the system automatically emails the developers who committed changes informing them of the problem.

The system can also deploy builds to the QA department, run automated tests where possible, email interest parties, build installation programs, etc.