Clarion Software Services
Provide complete development life cycle of your Clarion applications
Resolve your difficult software development issues
Provide Clarion education for your developers
Develop custom COM wrappers for .Net Controls allowing you to drop
them into your Clarion programs and take advantage of the .Net world
Develop custom classes and templates
Convert ISAM (Topspeed, DAT, DBase) applications to SQL
Convert Legacy APP files to ABC
Convert C5/55 to Clarion 6 or Clarion 7
Over 13 years developing Clarion for Windows applications
Extensive experience with MS-SQL, Oracle, and Postgres SQL
Derived and extended literally every major ABC class
Development of 100s of custom classes, templates and template
Author of many Clarion Magazine articles
Presenter Softvelocity Devcon 2004
Presenter webinar
Presenter Clarion Live DevCon - October 2010
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We can help you with just about any Clarion related project or problem you have.
We are experts in SQL and Topspeed to SQL conversions, debugging hard to find crashes and GPFs., integrating .Net and COM controls and Windows API calls from Clarion.

Whether you want someone to take over the entire development of your Clarion solution or just need someone to help out when you need we can workout a solution to get your programs where they need to be.